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NOV 30 2024


sponsored by Cerum Ortho

Sheraton Dorval Hotel


8-14 hrs AM:

DR's L. Carriere ,  A.M.  Cantor



14-17 hrs PM lecture and Case Study

( 2.5 credits  : ADA C.E.R.P )


Case studies: Limited Participants can bring up to 2 cases

with complete records for IAO tier advancement,


Fee for pm session: $145 before Sep 1 2024 , $195 after Sep 1 2024

PM: Virtual Lecture  hosted by Dr. Kristopher Krimi , BSc, DMD, IBO, president of IAO Quebec section

TMD, diagnosis and management

Dr. Eric Lessard  DMD,MD,FRCD

After graduating from U  of Laval in Dentistry in 1992, and a residency at Notre Dame Hospital in Montreal, he practiced in rural Quebec till 2000. He then finished his specialty at U of New jersey in Oral pathology. As an assistant professor at McGill he finished his studies as MD at St James school of Medicine in Chicago/Hollande  in 2013, and Residency in family Medicine at University of South Carolina. He is a Diplomate of American Academy of Orofacial Pain , practicing and teaching at the McGill university orofacial pain clinic , as well at two private clinics north and south shores of Montreal

Enrollment Form for pm :

Print or type clearly

First  Last  Names:  ________________________________________

Business Address:_____________________________________________  City:_________________________


State/Province:________________________   Zip/Postal code:________________  Country:____________________


Phone:  (____) __________________   Email: ____________________________


Member of  dental Associations: ____________________________________________


Dental School: ________________________ Degree: _______________


Fee of CN $195 ($145 if form received before Sep 1 2024)


Card number: ____________________________________    Expiration Date: __________  Security code: _____

Signature: ______________________________________________________    Today’s Date: ________________


Return form with cheque by mail or direct deposit password: nov302024 email to:


payable to : Centre Belles Dents Inc.

7087 Chateaubriand Montreal,  Quebec  Canada H2S2P2

info: Phone : 514 904-1809  ext. 3

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