lecture and Case Study

for dentists and staff

Hilton Myrtle Beach 

( 6 credits  : ADA C.E.R.P )


Case studies: Participants can bring up to 2 cases

with complete records for study,

must sign them  at 8;30 am 

Limited Accommodations as well  available at

neighboring Wyndham Sea Watch 

“Orthodontic Development, from birth to Permanent Dentition”:

Dr. Rob Pasch , DDS, IBO

This presentation will focus on Orthodontic Development and the choices a clinician must make to prevent the development of conditions which may lead to unaesthetic maloccluded stomatognathic situations.
The attendant will at the end of the presentation gain an appreciation of the forces at play from birth to Permanent Dentition, and will be able to recognize conditions which will deviate the Facial/Dental growth negatively. 


Dr. Kristopher Krimi , BSc, DMD, IBO

Describe ABTP. Reasons for opting for ABTP , vs patient based treatment planning

Diagnosis requirements, investigations. Patient cooperation, expectation, psychological evaluations. Facial (esthetic) 

Functional analysis, dentition space analysis. IBO digital Cephalometric analysis , interpretations, superimposition

analysis: micro/macro objective evaluations.consents, Mechanics : appliance treatments, straight wire techniques . Bracket placement theory.

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