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Peer reviewed publications:

Aetiology of a diagnosis: the key to success in treatment planning.

Krimi K. :IJO, Vol. 25, No.2, Summer 2014.p 13-15.

Bone remodelling In Adults: Clinical Decision Making for Treatment Options for the Correction of Skeletal Imbalances –Surgery or Orthopaedics.

Krimi K. : IJO, Vol. 27, No. 3 Fall 2016, p19-26

2018 IAO Forum Comorbidity of TMD, OSA and Class II Malocclusion.

Lau K., Do K., Stanely B., Krimi K., Pasch R., Grant R., Kirksey C. IJO , Spring 2019 , Vol 30 #1 , p15-28.

Bone Remodeling in Adults: Five Year Post-op of Class II, Division 1 Adult Patient:  A  Cephalometric Tracing Comparative Analysis.

Krimi K., IJO ,  VOL. 30  NO. 2 Summer 2019, p53-57.

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